Team of ABmerit

Ing. Peter Čarný

Mgr. Viera Fabová

Ing. Miroslav Chylý

Mgr. Monika Krpelanová 

Mgr. Ľudovít Lipták, PhD.

Ing. Mgr. Eva Fojcíková, PhD.


ABmerit Research Team is built on experiences, established practices and professional competences of the owner and outstanding abilities of young research group of workers (engineers and nuclear physicists of age up to 35 years). The group consists of nuclear physicist, nuclear engineers, and engineer of geoinformatics and software engineers. This variety leads to exceptional and uncommon efficiency, power and capability to achieve extraordinary scores and results in the field of emergency preparedness and response world-wide. ABmerit staff is licensed user of codes Scale6/Origen, MCNP5, SCDAP/ RELAP5, ArcGIS and ENVI.