Monitoring of Radiation Situation

Information system:

-   for gathering data from radiation monitoring (under normal conditions/ in case of emergency) at national level

-   online presentation of results of radiological monitoring

-   browse, work with data using map (GIS) part



GIS Modul - map part, GIS of information system

Map Server - provides map services to GIS Module


GIS Module – characteristics:

1. presentation of measurements:

   - dose rate monitored across the country

   - radioactivity in environmental samples (aerosols, fallout, waters, soils and food chain)

   - monitoring routes and dose rates measured by mobile monitoring groups in cars

2. enables user browse and work with data using map and spatial location of data

3. connected to database part of system = source of radiation monitoring data

4. map base (background map layers) is from map aervers

5. operated on web page (of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, SÚJB Prague) 

6. functionality can be adapted for different types of users

7. enables user to browse detailed info about measuring point

8. enables user to perform special selection of points

9. standard map tools, export tools