Validation of ESTE models


Models of ESTE Annual Impacts (ESTE AI, normal operational effluents and discharges from nuclear plants) were validated and verified in international project organized by the IAEA (within IAEA project MODARIA I. yrs.2012-2015 and in running project MODARIA II.), see Validation of ESTE for norma l operation, and compared with the code NRC Dose .


Models of ESTE for emergency response were benchmarked in international project organized by the OECD NEA “Benchmarking of Fast-Running Software Tools Used to Model Releases during Nuclear Accidents" 2015, see Validation of ESTE for emergency, and compared with the code TAMOS (ZAMG, Austrian Meteorological Institute), with the code PC Cosyma and with the code RASCAL (US NRC).


Models of ESTE for urban modeling (ESTE CBRN) are validated and verified in running international project of the JRC Ispra (EC) within the UDINEE project (2015-2016), information about the project is not publicly available.